Join us March 4

Operation Hope

Operation Hope is an outreach to those who are homeless in the Twin Cities. Every 3-4 weeks, Jeff Schmidt (our Outreach Commission Chair) leads a group to connect with those on the streets. 

Our Outreach Commission is passionate about reaching people with the love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Many of the ways our Outreach accomplish this is through acts of service. Our regular act of service is through Operation Hope (left). We also have a regular month scheduled each year to get more in our congregation involved (below).

Outreach also sprinkles a lot of great opportunities throughout the year, please see our church calendar for more! 

If you have any questions: Jeff Schmidt is our Outreach chair and he would love to sit down with you to share our heart for our community.

Month of serving

Month of serving is a month where we are specifically intentional of reaching out to those around us. Each March our Outreach team finds new organizations to work alongside and plans events at various times of the day/week to allow maximum participation.

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