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We're a group of imperfect people worshipping a perfect God. 

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We would love for you to join us for worship online or in-person.

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Our Story

With a deep love for our community and a desire to grow deeper in love with our God, a little Bible study group was formed in 1993. Those members prayed and listened and waited as God began to build his Church through what would become Oak Heights Covenant Church. The group grew and there became an increasing need for a building. So, in 2000 when the funds had been raised, we broke ground on the west side of Hutchinson on a plot of land now known as "church corner." We are known to some as the "Church with the Green Roof" but it is our desire to be known more for the way we love our neighbors and our Lord than for the color of our roof -- though if it helps people know which church on church corner, we're ok with that! We were thrilled to be able to pay off the mortgage in 2021, but our story is much larger than the building.

God has been growing in and through us for more than 30 years. We've had three pastors during that time who have led us and shepherded us well. They are Pastor Todd Ertsgaard, Pastor Todd Harris, and Pastor Steve Larson. In addition we've had several significant interim pastors including both Mic Michaels and Dan Thompson. It has been a joy to grow together growing in many ways during this time. Staying true to our founders, we have embraced the following mission: "Rooted in Christ, Thriving Together, Branching Out in His Love." Because we are imperfect people trying hard to build the Church, we are so thankful for a perfect God who is doing the work. 

Please join us. We are not complete without you.

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We look forward to seeing you!

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As a church, we encourage those who are a part of our community to give. We do not give out of obligation, but out of an overflow of worship to our God. Generosity is not a requirement; it's not something we want you to do, but it is something that grows us. It is something that pushes and roots our faith as we watch what God does with our resources - both personally and in our fellowship. The resources you give allow God's work to be done here at Oak Heights but also across the street and around the world. For more info on our work within the community, click here.

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